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Apr 23, 2008 - God this is gonna hurt when I start learning CSS

More formatting, forum added, some stuff now links to proper empty pages instead of being striked out. University's almost up, so updates will start being more frequent. Also, if any of you was waiting for this domain name to expire, I renewed it for a year. HAH.

Feb 20, 2008 - Yay, a format!

Added some kind of low-tech, /table-/tr-/td based formatting, with projected sections in deprecated /strike. Ain't I great.

Jan 28, 2008 - Yeah, real slow.

So yeah, having access to my computer only 3-4 days a week can be a hassle. Here's the REAL opening, with the only content yet :P

Stories from the Redscape

Jan 25, 2008 - Ya, I'm typing these manually for now.

Welcome to our grand opening! T'is the 25th of January, and after more than seven months of 'Coming Soon', we finally got to actually completing something! Not that you've been aware of this site to even start being irritated at the lack of update in the first place :P But hey, to all 10 of you who will happen to stumble here, you can now start to be!

So, what is the Multiscapes, exactly? Well, EVENTUALLY, it'll be an entire multiverse of sorts, each universe having it's own unique feel. It will also be a multimedia experience, ranging from short stories, to movies, passing through the generic webcomic (if we can find someone who knows how to draw, or learn ourselves) and the less comon "pic" comic (What's available for now). Some will be over, and I mean over-dramatic, like the Redscape, the only part that's accessible for now. Others will be spoofy and incoherent, like the coming-eventually Dudescape. Characters and story arcs will be mutually referenced to, but there will also be originals that only belong to one of these Scapes. Basically, I just said that we can get away with recycled content, but in a cool way :P

Most of this is inspired from school projects. Most of this is also in Quebec french, so, if there's any vocal work to be done, you'll probably have to bear with subtitles only, as at least one of us, me, has a horrible accent when attempting to speak, and I believe it could detract from actually paying attention to the story. Chances are you've watched subbed anime already, so I'll consider this as only a very minor problem.

Oh yeah! Us! Well, the one typing right now and attempting to maintain that mess goes by the nickname of PABB. In caps. It's the result of parents not quite thinking it all out before giving me a 4 word name, and the general pissed-off-ness of never having anybody remembering it correctly. Pronounced 'Pab', with a short 'a', it's what people eventually call me, even college teachers and my boss. I got a medium-to-oversized beard, too. I play the first "antagonist" of the Redscape stories, and probably not the last.

You can call the dude playing Jay, 'Jo'. Pronounced 'Djo', with a short 'o'. That dude's been with me for almost all college, and almost all our projects involved us both, with another dude that's not yet there on the site. He's got long, shiny, exploitable-for-protagonist-flashiness hair.

Hehe sucky bios, 4:30am :P So, anyway, here's the various Scapes we've planned, at various degrees of vagueness. And when we say "Soon", just remember it took us 7 months to get this up (issue 1 of the Redscape included, though.)... which makes us about 12 times better than Valve, and [Infinite -1] times better than Blizzard! Yay!

The Redscape: Already started. Done in "pic" comics with heavy editing. The sky is always red, as loners in long coats wander the seemingly abandoned city central to this Scape. Heavily dramatic. Don't think that this doesn't mean that we're laughing our arses off while making it, though, we do fully realize that it takes itself way too seriously :) That's the most longterm planned Scape for now, and all the violence will eventually lead somewhere, rest assured. There's also a prototype flash movie (the school project that sparked this Scape) that won't be part of the main timeline to be translated and uploaded.

The Dudescape: We got at least 5 movies of that to sub/remake with no deadlines and constraints, so I'd say "soon". This is the Scape where random crap happens. We plowed trough college with these movies. It will involve, among other things, a modern day Ninja character completely unrelated to the Askaninja guy, of whom we were unaware at the time. We're still debating whether or not to add an extra 'd', to form the word "Nindja", which would roughly be pronounced the same, but have a unique look. There will also be flashy battles involving anime-like effects, applied to real people. And there's even a spoof of Redscape Jay's first seen encounter, but it ends differently. Actually, the school project that sparked the Redscape was itself sparked by a desire to remake this short movie with a serious tone. This is also the one Scape where we absolutely pay no attention whatsoever to whatever "Timeline" there could be. The same character can potentially have more than 500 conflicting origins, or the guy that died can come back in the same scene all happy and fine, and we don't care :P It will also probably include classic webcomics, if one of us two, or a third one gets the ability to draw. Otherwise, pics, but shiny, oversaturated ones. Oh, and I forgot to mention, we're on the loving side of the Chuck religion. Hope it doesn't irritate too much, because we won't quit.

The Noirscape: This will include a "Noir" like story, involving some detective on the trail of a deadly lady who left one too many dead husband in her wake. Idea sparked by a peculiar happening in the third Ninja movie, which was itself sparked by random wires touching themselves erratically in my brain. Will probably be done with pics, in high contrast grayscales, with clichéed touches of color on obvious parts like the lady's red dress and such. Coming *EVENTUALLY* (So give us like half a decade or so)

The Darkscape: Vampire, hunters, werewolves, total World of Darkness and Castlevania ripoff (hey, we can, as long as we wipe those copyrighted terms once this site gets noticed :P) Will probably have a dark blue tint, and contain a lot of city places. coming **!MAYBE!** (Between now and the end of our world, counting alternate universes, and the fact that we'll have to sneak our cameras in subway stations because hey, we could be terrorrists mapping weak structural points :P)

The Limescape: I like these names :P So what was in a greenish color? Right, Fight Club and The Matrix. So this will have to do with questionning reality AND seedy, dark corners of some city. However, unlike in the Matrix, the characters will be more self absorbed and there will be a lot less kung-fu. The supernatural seen there will feel different from that seen in the Darkscape. Coming !*!*!*PERHAPS*!*!*! (Yeah... gonna need more than the two of us at some point or another :P)

The Rustscape: Stuff. Will happen. To someone. Unexpectedly. And it shall be Silent Hillish. Coming !*!*!*PERHAPS*!*!*! (maybe fused with the Limescape? that's far away and vague for now.)

The Dawnscape: A post-apocalyptic world where heroic fantasy stuff mixes with more traditional post-apocayptic elements. Coming *!!!**!HELL I DIDN'T EVEN TELL OTHERS ABOUT THIS ONE!**!!!*

So yeah, big project :P Please send your encouragements (and sympathies :P) to ninjadoods [at] gmail [dot] com, and uuh, yeah, a forum will also be added so you can flame each other over petty issues/let us know what you think of the currently published work :D